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If you can't see the tang, your knife isn't full strength. The tang is the backbone of the knife...and if it's not full tang, it's not full strength!

Ek is the original full-tang knife.

Back in world War II...
- The Ka-Bar didn't have it.
- The V-42 didn't have it.
- The Randalls didn't have it.
- The F-S didn't have it.
- The Ek had it!

Ek is the only maker whose knives have always (nearly 70 years!) been full tang! Ek Strong--Always Strong!

World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq War - Ek Commando Knives Are Battle Proven in Six Wars

Welcome to Ek® Commando Knife Co.

Famous since 1941, our knives have been battle proven in six wars: World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Afghanistan and Iraq. Now you can join the ranks of U.S. combat troops who own one.

M3/M4 style commando knives

M3/M4 style commando knives

Two of our most popular models -- the Ek M3 (top) and the Ek M4 (bottom). See THE KNIVES for more Ek styles or go to PRICES/ORDERS for availability and pricing of all Ek Knives.

CLICK HERE to read a special testimonial from Col G.H.B., USMC -- Camp Fallujah, Iraq. You'll see why Ek has been the choice of servicemen for over 65 years. He says it better we can.

Micarta grips now feature the new Gripping Grooves™

The new Gripping Grooves are wider and deeper for much more gripping power, especially in the all-important thrust, especially if the grips are wet with sweat, blood, mud, water or oil. These deep grooves were inspired by the military NDT (Non-Directional Tread) "lug" tire-tread pattern, proven for gripping power in the mud of World War II, Korea and Vietnam on U.S. military vehicles. These and our Checkered Walnut grips provide better gripping power than any other knives in the world.

The wide Gripping Grooves have now been extended to cover the flat 'boss' areas of the grips around the two lower X-Head Fasteners -- for even better gripping power. You have to feel 'em to believe 'em!

Blades with Custom EtchingsNEW! CUSTOMIZE YOUR KNIFE

Special blade etchings are available to reflect your military pride for the presentation (left) side of your blade. See the The Knives Special Blade Etchings section of this site.

Full-Tang Design – The Strongest

Full-Tang DesignAll Ek Commando Knives are full-length, full-width, full-thickness tang construction -- the undisputed strongest -- a feature rarely found on other knives (because it requires more steel). If your knife doesn't have a full tang, it's not designed for maximum strength. In photo at left, Ek is at left, a "Survival" knife is center, and the Gerber MarkII is at right.

Ek Commando Knife Testimonials


Many of our customers -- military men, special operators, law enforcement personnel and professional adventurers -- have shared their Ek Commando Knife experiences with us. Their frank reviews convey the philosophy and craftsmanship of Ek Commando Knife Co. better than the slick words of an ad agency. To read more, click on the TESTIMONIALS section of this website.

New - Checkered Walnut Grips!

The ergonomic "Handprint"™ grip shape now combined with deep checkering across the surfaces, give this knife the most gripping power of any knife anywhere in the world! The knife that looks and feels like it was custom built by a Gunsmith. The Checkered Walnut "Gunstock"™ grips remind you of those on Colt 1911's and pistols of that bygone era -- top quality and precisely fitted to the steel! Good looking and user friendly. Available as the CW1, CW2, CW3, CW4 and CW5. Also available (in tapered form) on the Marine Raider Stiletto MkII (CW MRS MkII) and the Fairbairn Sykes MkII (CW F-S MkII), at no extra charge.

Checkered Walnut Grips for Ek Knives

Photo shows the Checkered Walnut Model 4 (CW4). Our current sheaths are twice the thickness of the one shown, for even more durability.

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