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The U.S. Army Ranger Association recognizes the Ek Fairbairn-Sykes MkII as the evolutionary and improved successor to the World War II
F-S, as used then by our Ranger forbears. This knife is currently seeing combat in Afghanistan and Iraq, and it is the knife the USARA presents to VIP's and to the four outstanding Rangers each year. Further, two crossed Ek knives form the permanent centerpiece of the "Best Ranger" trophy, awarded in this annual competition. As Rangers, we are known and respected for our training and experience with fighting knives, and this is the knife, to the exclusion of all others, we have chosen to represent us."

- MSG (Ret.) Mark Pelphrey
Secretary, U.S. Army Ranger Association

World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq War

The Knives


Crossguard: Solid brass, 1-15/16" x 13/16" x 3/16" thick.

X-Head Fasteners (3 each): Solid, precision-machined brass. Head and nut .50" dia. x 3/16" thick.

Tang: Full-length, full-width, full-thickness. No excuses.

Extended Butt: 3/4"

Grips: (2 each) - Size: 5" X 1" X 3/8", precision machined.


  • Micarta - For strength, durability and long life, it is the choice of the best custom makers.
  • Walnut - Gunstock-grade American Walnut, checkered to 21 lines/inch.
  • Wrapped Parachute Cord - High tensile strength. Standard Mil-Spec is 550 lbs.; this is 650 lbs.

Models 1, 2, 3, 4, MRS MkII, F-S MkII: Length 6.6"; thickness: .15".
Model 5: Length: 6.75"; thickness: .185"

Material: High-carbon surgical stainless steel HCS 1415
Hardness: Rockwell C 57-59
Sharpness: Razor sharp

Ek Knives

The Micarta-gripped knives. Shown from top to bottom, M1 (top), M2, M3, M4 and the Micarta Bowie, M5 (bottom). Each features the wide Gripping Grooves™ and satin-finished blades.

The Ek Bowie (Model 5), shown with the Checkered Walnut grips (so this is a CW5). Note the generous choil on this blade, so you can "choke up" on this, with your index finger wrapped around the blade shoulder. The blade length of 6.75" is ideal for all-around, multi-purpose use. (The Bowie is also available with all other Ek grips.) The Checkered Walnut grips are available on the CW1 through the CW5.

"The Ek Bowie is a perfect blending of traditional and modern, practical and fighting -- in short, an ideal tactical knife...heavily textured Micarta handle slabs...give an extraodinarily solid grip...Ek knives are made for rough use in the field...ideally suited as a fighter, this knife is equally well suited for all those far more mundane tasks a knife needs to be up to in their field or during a tactical operation..." -- Tactical Gear

The Marine Raider/MCMAP Knife

The Marine Raider/Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) Knife is officially authorized by the U.S. Marine Raider Association and keeps alive the spiritual bond between the WWII Raider Marines and the MCMAP-trained U.S. Marines of today. Four times a year, MCMAP presents one of these knives to an outstanding Black Belt/Instructor in each graduating class. This is the Dunham-Weatherbee Award (Corporal Jason Dunham, USMC, was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor by President George W. Bush in 2007).

MCMAP training is based on many of the close-quarter fighting techniques originally taught by and to the Marine Raiders. A Marine Raider/MCMAP Knife is on permanent display at Raider Hall, Quantico MCB – the home of MCMAP.

Inspired by the Marine Raider Stiletto of World War II fame, its business end is a similar, double-edge, razor-sharp blade (MC/MCMAP4 -- of the highest quality, high carbon, surgical, stainless steel. The sturdy crossguard is solid brass. The grip is wrapped with military-spec parachute cord, inspired by the traditional, wrapped grip of the sword of the ancient Samurai warrior, an icon of the martial arts. The cord wrapping and sheath are black, the traditional color of the highest order, or "belt", of fighting skill, the Black Belt. Also available as MC/MCMAP3 which is the current model being presented.

Be sure to see the "In the News" section for photo of presentation at MCMAP HQ and write-up about this knife.


Left: The blade shoulder (show side) carries the symbol and motto of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.

The blade shoulder (reverse) portrays the famous "Death's Head" symbol of the Marine Raiders (with the five stars of the Southern Cross), with the name of the knife and the name of the official maker.

The Marine Raider Stiletto MkII™

Officially Authorized by the U.S. Marine Raider Association. The spirit and legacy of the WWII original, updated with the best materials and strongest design. As with the original, the "USMC" scroll is etched on blade. Battle-worthy; full-tang design for maximum strength. The first of these knives was presented by the U.S. Marine Raider Association to Raider Hall at Quantico MCB, where it is on permanent display. Shortly thereafter, the Raiders presented one to MARSOC (Marine Special Operations Command), the modern-day counterpart of the Raiders, and it, too, is on permanent display at their Headquarters at Camp Lejeune.

Be sure to see color photos of presentation of this knife at MARSOC HQ in the "In the News" section.

USMC Ek Desert Patrol – USMC DP3, shown with "USMC" scroll etched on blade. Full tang. High Carbon Stainless Steel -- razor sharp. Solid brass crossguard. This "USMC" scroll, and others, are available as special order on all Ek knives. The Desert Patrol is available as the DP3 through the DP5.

Ek M4 Micarta

The Ultimate Military Fighting Knife – the Ek M3 and M4. The guard and X-Head Fasteners are solid brass. Note the wide "gripping grooves" on the Micarta grips. The U.S. Army Rangers feature a crossed pair of these in their "Best Ranger" Trophy. The Micarta grips are available on the M1 through the M5.

NEW! Fairbairn-Sykes MkII™. The Fairbairn-Sykes is probably the most-revered military fighting knife of all time, made famous in World War II by the British Commandos, the U.S. Army Rangers, the SAS, SOE and Allied combat troops in all theaters of operations.

Now for the first time since 1941 comes the updated, improved, American version, the F-S Mk II™. The full-tang design, rugged blade and forward-curving solid brass crossguard overcome the weaknesses of the original, but the double-edge and the curvaceous Micarta grips are unmistakably F-S all the way. With its F-S and Ek heritage, the F-S MkII™ is an immediate classic. This is the Official Knife of the U.S. Army Ranger Association.

The Ek F-S MkII is now part of the official symbol of the U.S. Army Ranger Association. USARA President Linc German says, "Ek Commando Knife Co. is following in the footsteps of John Ek -- John's war fighting knives were in select Soldiers' hands during WWII and are equal to the also-renowned W.D. "Bo" Randall made knives." The tradition continues...

"This is quite simply, a superbly conceived and beautifully made modern combat knife. It is undoubtedly the finest knife I've had my hands on in the last 30 years." - Simon A., Royal Marines

"The U.S. Army Ranger Association recognizes the Ek Fairbairn-Sykes MkII as the evolutionary successor to the World War II F-S, as used by our Ranger forebears. As Rangers we are trained in and experiences with fighting knives, and this is the knife we have chosen to represent us."
- U.S. Army Ranger Association

The F-S MkII is also available with the Checkered Walnut grips (as the CW FSMkII). The checkering is reminiscent of that on the early WWII models, so this is the version the raner Association likes to present.

U.S. Army Ranger Association (USARA) Presents
F-S MkII™ Ek Commando Knives To
The 75th Ranger Regiment Soldier and NCO of the year.

Butch Nery, Director of the USARA, presents an Ek knife to Ranger NCO of the year, SGT Jack M. Eisaman, HHC, 6th Battalion. At center right USARA Exec. VP Frank Casey, presents an Ek knife to CSM Marc Pfrogner, who is accepting it on behalf of SFC Patrick R. Cook, Ranger Soldier of the Year. The ceremony took place on 24 Aug 09.


The August, 2009 presentation was made by Ranger Butch Nery, USARA International Director (far left) and USARA Exec. V.P., Frank Casey (far right). SGT Richard Grere (center left) is 75th Ranger Regiment NCO of the year, and SPC Michael Engelsgjerd (center right) is Soldier of the year for the Regiment.

"Great stuff...they were thrilled to receive the knives", per Ranger Mark Pelphry, V.P. of USARA.

From left to right: Ranger Butch Nery, USARA International Region Director; Ranger SPC Kauling, 75th Ranger Regiment Soldier of the year; Ranger SSG Israel, 75th Ranger Regiment NCO of the Year; Ranger Frank Casey, USARA Executive Vice President.


The first Fairbairn-Sykes MkII is now a permanent part of the Ranger Hall of Fame exhibit at the U.S. Army's National Infantry Museum in Ft. Benning, Georgia. Many U.S. Army Rangers carried the Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife in World War II, so it was appropriate that this Mark II version of the F-S was presented by the U.S. Army Ranger Association.

Pictured from left to right is Ranger Frank Casey; MG Jerry White (Ret.); COL Doug Flohr, Ranger Training Brigade Commander; Ranger Butch Nery and Mr. Dick Hagen.

U.S. Army Ranger Ass'n Executive VP Frank Casey presents Ek Commando Knife Co. Fairbairn-Sykes MkII knives to 4/75 top NCOs SFC Simms and SSG Williams at 4th Battalion 2008 Annual Ball.

Ranger Training Brigade Soldier of the Year SP/4 Cox
receives Ek Commando Knife from USARA EVP Casey.

Ek S/F 3

Ek S/F 3, with O.D. P-cord grip and O.D. web sheath. Available as S/F3 through S/F5.

S/F 4 is seen in the movies:


"Hamburger Hill"

Ek Knife featured in Sniper

Model Tac/Ops 4 (Double-edge blade, with black parachute cord wrapped grip). Available as T/O1 through T/O5

Special blade etchings are available to reflect your military pride for the presentation (left) side of your blade for all Ek Models. *The "U.S.M.C." blade etching comes standard on the Marine Raider Stiletto Mark II blade. See the Prices/Orders section of this site to add a special etching to your order. Blade etching patterns copyright Ek.

The photo above shows the special etching which can be ordered on any Ek knife; here it is shown on the CW F-S MkII.

Ek Knives

An American Walnut Display Case is available to display your Ek Commando Knives in your office or personal War Room. This is used in USMC presentations of the Marine Raider/MCMAP Knife at MACE (the Martial Arts Center of Excellence) at Raider Hall MCB Quantico and at MARSOC HQ at MCB Camp Lejeune and by the U.S. Army Ranger Ass'n. The locking glass lid protects your knife from dust and unauthorized handling. May be displayed flat or upright; wall-mount provisions. Fitted liner. A quality, made-in-U.S.A piece. Size 18"x7"x2-1/4".

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